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The Not So Black-and-White Surrealism of L Fauzi


“From studying, we gather fragments of knowledge that complete each other in our minds until we form a perfect thought.” – L. Fauzi, speaking of one of his paintings.

L. Fauzi is a self-taught artist from Indonesia. His intricately rendered, monochromatic works depict surreal landscapes and scenes, which he playfully composes using a cast of ordinary objects that you would find in domestic settings. The subject matter of Fauzi’s artworks cover a wide range of topics, from highly political commentaries on the state of current affairs in his country, to his curious observations on human nature, which are often presented in his paintings with great humour and wit.

In one painting he muses about the differences in people’s characters when they are made to wait, portraying familiar emotions in expressive ways without rendering a single facial feature or human gesture. The subjects of balance and symmetry are often emphasised in Fauzi’s works. One artwork portrays the push and pull relationship between positive and negative influence in our lives, while another piece contemplates the need for moderation in the ways we consume all things. In both cases, Fauzi presents these situations without judgment as all things essentially require thoughtful balance.


“Choice 2” by L. Fauzi, acrylic on canvas, 93 x 199 cm


“Overload” by L. Fauzi, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 100 cm


Never having gone to study visual arts formally, Fauzi’s technique was honed through years of experience, driven purely by his love for the arts. Fauzi’s paintings show his dedication to the craft through his precise and meticulous brushstrokes, birthing visual concepts that are not influenced by the conventions taught in formal art institutions. Fauzi also chooses not to engage in social media and online spaces, resulting in works that reflect the artist’s confidence in his principles and worldview. The paintings feel truthful and direct despite their surrealism, creating instant connections with those interacting with his art.


“Learning” by L. Fauzi, acrylic on canvas, 119 x 119 cm


“In waiting” by L. Fauzi, acrylic on canvas, 119 x 119 cm


L. Fauzi is represented exclusively by Nyaman Gallery in Bali, Indonesia.

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