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Quint’s Concrete Vision

“I love street art because of its spontaneity and rawness. I love that it is free for people to enjoy. It gives you amusement and exciting feelings when you find some cheeky pieces in the most unexpected spots. Like finding treasures!” – Quint

Quint is an Indonesian street artist who came to Bali, Indonesia with his spray paint in tow and became one of the few artists who revitalised the street art scene on the island.

While attending design school in Jakarta, Indonesia, Quint grew stifled by the limitations imposed by the formal institution and became drawn to the spontaneity and rawness of graffiti and street art. He loved the spontaneity of street art and started drawing graffiti on walls before eventually dropping out to seek out education on the streets instead. Indeed, the streets was where he began to find his voice.

Quint experimented with numerous techniques before landing on stencil art, which not only gave him great control over the end results but also the necessary speed to avoid getting caught by authorities who considered the art he created to be “vandalism”. The figures that Quint paints often gaze at the viewer with mischievous looks, seemingly taunting the authorities who were unable to catch the artist as he vandalised pristine concrete. To achieve this mood, Quint would photograph and film the models, capturing their unfiltered expressions and the spontaneity he envisions for his pieces.

See Quint’s full collection of artworks here.

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