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A World in A Grain of Sand: YOKII’s Sand Art

Posted on July 10, 2022 by in BLOG | No Comments.

YOKII is an Australian artist who has been living and creating in Bali for more than a decade. Always a creative soul, YOKII has been creating art through paintings and screen prints since he was as young as twelve years old, continuously innovating and challenging new ways to work with various mediums. Much of his […]

Quint’s Concrete Vision

Posted on February 5, 2022 by in BLOG | No Comments.

“I love street art because of its spontaneity and rawness. I love that it is free for people to enjoy. It gives you amusement and exciting feelings when you find some cheeky pieces in the most unexpected spots. Like finding treasures!” – Quint Quint is an Indonesian street artist who came to Bali, Indonesia with […]

The Not So Black-and-White Surrealism of L Fauzi

Posted on December 10, 2021 by in BLOG | No Comments.

  “From studying, we gather fragments of knowledge that complete each other in our minds until we form a perfect thought.” – L. Fauzi, speaking of one of his paintings. L. Fauzi is a self-taught artist from Indonesia. His intricately rendered, monochromatic works depict surreal landscapes and scenes, which he playfully composes using a cast […]

CEREMONY | An Expressive Visual Symphony of Colours by Evgeny Bam

Posted on October 18, 2021 by in BLOG | No Comments.

“My facial features are smeared and I accept myself as is.” – Evgeny Bam Ceremony is a collection of works which were produced by Evgeny Bam when he resided in Bali, Indonesia. Thematically, the largely abstract works are an inward exploration of the artist as he pondered the reasons behind why he creates. From the […]

Five Different Characters With Different Energy and Stories, Painting With Different Techniques.

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Five different characters with different energy and stories, painting with different techniques. Come witness their colorful journey this weekend, Saturday, Oct 29th at Alila Seminyak, with cocktails and music. Quint will be stenciling live and all artworks done in Warna Senja live art performances will be up for auction. It will be a special night.

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