Dashenka Prochazka: Like a Feather Dashenka Prochazka: Like a Feather

Dashenka Prochazka: Like a Feather

Originaly from the Czech Republic, Dashenka`s childhood was a true adventure. Her family escaped to Switzerland to seek refuge from the communist regime. In the new land, with little comprehension of the new language, young Dashenka began to express her thoughts through drawing and painting. Naturally, art became a way for our artist to communicate with the world, and a tool to search the various meanings of life.

The family didn’t have enough money to send the young artist to art school. Dashenka grew up being thankful of this circumstance because in her mind, this what makes her art is blooming freely outside the textbooks. In 1999, she moved to Australia and found home to her creative soul among the art scene in Sydney create more. She travelled back and forth to Europe, making a living as visual artist and musician with the support from the big surf brand, Volcom.

Dashenka creates her art by setting her mind off the logical realm and letting her soul wanders in the world of questions: about life, death and things that are in between. Her creation intriguing the mind in a strange and beautiful ways.

Our artist has done art shows and tours around Biarritz, Paris, London, Luzerne, Madrid, Berlin, Amsterdam and Prague. She also sang and played the bass guitar in a Sydney punk band called Goons of Doom under the pseudonym Bang Bang Bunny Fang, and jammed with Sydney-based folk duo Angus and Julia Stone.  

One interesting project is the MTV Australian Music Video Awards. A three-feet tall artwork was on fire when she was about to do finishing touch. Her paintings and sculptures were exhibited in well-known galleries such as Sydney`s China Heights, Blank Space and Monster Children.

Dashenka is now living in Switzerland with her husband and son, teaching yoga and exploring her art.

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