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A World in A Grain of Sand: YOKII’s Sand Art

YOKII is an Australian artist who has been living and creating in Bali for more than a decade. Always a creative soul, YOKII has been creating art through paintings and screen prints since he was as young as twelve years old, continuously innovating and challenging new ways to work with various mediums. Much of his work is influenced by the Sydney rock n’ roll and skate culture where his interest in the arts began.

After years of tweaking and experimenting with various techniques and mediums that intrigue him, YOKII started experimenting with the sands from a selection of beaches in the east coast of Bali. The beaches that YOKII selected all have naturally different textures and colors, creating an intriguing screen tone-like quality. By using this medium, YOKII introduces a grounding natural element in his work, something that he sought out after feeling inundated by the artificiality found in many contemporary art.

In a way, the sands also become YOKII’s way of incorporating Bali itself as a core component in his portraits of the island.

Check out YOKII’s artworks collection on here and follow our instagram for updates on his work!


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