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Mersuka Dopazo

Mersuka Dopazo, born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1971, is blessed with a vivid imagination and the drive to experiment with anything that falls in her hands.
Mersuka began her career in the 90s inspired by the years of country-living and also her extensive travels around the world.
The colors and patterns in every little thing that goes on in her surroundings guide Mersuka to create artworks of wide range of subjects and techniques, showing her innovative, unhesitant and fearless spirit.
It is as if our artist wants to take us to see the world through a child`s eye, living life to the fullest and passionately appreciating every magical moment, all sorts of emotion, vibrant colors and shapes. It is as if she would fly if she had a pair of wings.

The paintings represented in Nyaman Gallery are Mersuka Dopazo`s work in collaboration with artist, fashion designer and close friend, Teresa Calderon. Both sees their work as a “travelogue from the unexpected territory.”
Both met in the island of Bali and have painted on the same canvas for hours since day one.
The Spanish artists create large-scale naïve-style collages using fabrics designed by Teresa or sourced from craftsmen who hand-made them from all over the world.
Often densely patterned, the papers and fabrics are juxtaposed with simple yet effective gestural lines, pigment and paints. The artworks explore the balance of color and the relationship between positive and negative spaces. Unexpected connections harmoniously formed between clashing textures and motives, between the regularity of pattern and the spontaneity of broken graphite and improvised colors.

Dopazo and Calderon`s works have been exhibited extensively in the UK, the USA, Canada, Singapore, HK, and Europe.

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