Fauzi’s paintings take the voyeur deep into the bizarre world of his childhood, the complex father-and-son relationship, and intricate simplicity.

The Family

Fauzi was born on 28 March 1979, in a small town in East Java. His father ruled the home with a conservative rigidity that he learned from his time in the army. Making art was seen as a waste of time and painting was strictly forbidden. It was not until 1999, when Fauzi decided to rebel and moved to Bali to live with a relative who opened a small art gallery, that he found himself painting without restriction from his family. After working as a commissioned artist for twelve years, fate brought the self-taught artist to the path of creative intuition, inspired by his childhood memories and dreams.

Right now, our artist is living a simple life in a small village with his family, far removed from a typical professional artist`s path. Away from the heavy influence of the internet, Fauzi’s imagination is pure and untouched by the boundaries of text books.


Fauzi uniquely illustrates the vulnerability of youth in springtime with fragile, everyday objects such as glass bottles, eggs and candles, which are transformed into animated characters and become the centerpieces of his paintings. It is as if he is telling stories of everyday life in the imaginary alien world. He forms surreal shapes and shapes surreal stories through the simplicity of brushes, paints and canvas. With straight forward and quite traditional techniques, his steady fine lines convey the contented elegance of life lessons learned and embodied. The shades of grey blend seamlessly to create an eerie, yet calming coolness.

Despite their placid character, Fauzi’s paintings convey the hope and life in the form of his signature subtle warmth of a yellow candle light.

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