A self-taught Indonesian artist, BunnyBone has rapidly blossomed and gained widespread attention in Bali for the last few years. Her drawings of other-worldly female creatures capture both the soft and wild sides—as well as the fragile and elusively exotic—of femininity.

She believes that there is some feminine strength in all of us. And if we are to create a more peaceful world, we should all embrace that side.

Born in 1985, our artist grew up in a cultureless Jakarta suburb, reading many copies of Japanese manga and day-dreaming of the romantic old Hollywood movie stars. After completing her education in ESMOD Jakarta, she moved to Bali to work in the island`s fashion industry. Now, over a decade later, influenced by the various culture brought in by friends from different parts of the world, our artist catalyzes her own unique mixed culture while the island`s dynamic and colorful energy opens her mind spiritually. The unusual blend induces strangely beautiful characters into her creations: from priestesses and heroines from outer space, nomadic gypsies from other dimensions, to the other-worldly tribal goddesses; all wise, strong yet gentle, with open minds that see far.
BunnyBone believes in the balance of things, of everything and nothing. Of both sides of the coin. She believes that, responsibly, everyone should be allowed to embrace whichever way suitable for them, even if it is outside the traditional ones. Our artist also believes that a woman is naturally a nurturer (after having to devote herself to her parents as a young girl, a woman must take care of her husband; after that, she`ll have to take care of her children, and after that, her elderly parents) while it is customary for men to leave and to build a new home away from home. BunnyBone sees this as a blessing and a curse; as one of the many reasons why women often put aside their own desires for the advantage of others. It is why women have to work harder than the opposite sex to keep their personal dreams alive, and to make those dreams become true. Therefore, our artist is committed to support her fellow females as much as she could, emotionally as well as creatively. BunnyBone`s drawings are dedicated to those who recognize the significance of feminine strength in all forms.

BunnyBone`s drawings are mostly traditionally done with pencils and/or pens on paper. Our artist is fascinated by the simplicity and eloquence of this technique. For her, it is the basics of the creation of an artwork. To her, a humble hand drawing is the root to the other, more complicated, forms of art. And as they say, strong roots hold big trees.


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